The museum ‘ignoring’ its Salvador Dali etchings

Should a leading Indian museum be doing more to tell the world about rare works it holds by the master of surrealism Salvador Dali? Calcutta’s Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH) holds two Dali colour etchings, thought to be the only originals any museum or gallery in India possesses by the Spanish master. But they have been shown to the public only twice in the 24 years since the US-based, Calcutta-born artist Bimal Banerjee donated the works along with 81 other pieces of art to the museum. The two untitled but signed etchings purportedly date back to 1946 when Dali released an illustrated edition of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This was in line with his literary illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Miguel ... Read More »

Seals ‘brought TB to the Americas’

TB can jump from humans to other animals, such as seals, and then back again The long-held idea that Europeans were the first to bring tuberculosis to the Americas when they arrived in the 15th Century has been thrown into doubt. Instead, a study suggests that the deadly disease was present in the area hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus made landfall. Genetic tests reveal that humans were probably not responsible for moving TB to the New World at all – instead, seals carried it there. Johannes Krause, from the University of Tuebingen, in Germany, said: “Who would have thought seals were actually transmitting one of the deadliest diseases to South America about a thousand years ago? “That was definitely a big surprise.” When Christopher ... Read More »

Costa must learn respect

Everton manager Roberto Martinez says Chelsea striker Diego Costa needs to learn to show his opponents respect. The £32m signing from Atletico Madrid scored twice and was booked in a 6-3 win at Goodison but clashed with Seamus Coleman after the latter’s own goal. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho felt Everton players tried to aggravate Costa. But Spaniard Martinez said: “There are certain foreign players who come to the Premier League who need to understand the ethics and the culture.” Costa was involved in an altercation with home keeper Tim Howard after the striker appeared to goad Coleman about the own goal that put Chelsea 3-1 up. Martinez added: “The behaviour in the British game is unique. “The last thing you want to see is disrespect from ... Read More »

Urban areas are hives for wild bees

The number of wild bee species that were able to adapt to urban habitats surprised the researchers A study has found a “considerable richness” of wild bee species in most types of urban habitats. French researchers recorded almost a third of the nation’s 900 species of wild bees living in towns and cities. Writing in Plos One, they added that 60 species were also found in very urbanised areas in the city of Lyon. There is widespread concern that wild bee populations in rural areas are being adversely affected by a number of factors, including pesticides. “For a bee species to be present in [an urban] habitat, it must be able to find food and nesting substrate,” said co-author Laura Fortel, a researcher from the ... Read More »

Tunisia’s first video games boss

For someone who started playing computer games as a three-year old, and launched his first business when he was 12, Walid Sultan Midani was perhaps destined to set up Tunisia’s first video games development company. Now 31, Mr Midani is the founder and chief executive of Digitalmania, based in the capital Tunis. The business is still just officially three years old, but it has already developed 34 video games, 30 for third parties, and four released under its own name. While the other guys were buying comics, I was buying and reading books about business models and management” Walid Sultan Midani Its latest game – Defendoor – is available to play on Facebook – and Mr Midani, a Microsoft start-up boss of the year award ... Read More »