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‘Rogue directors’ crackdown planned

Plans to clamp down on association directors who imitation consumers are to be brought brazen by a government, as Joe Lynham reports People convicted of blurb crimes abroad could be criminialized from using UK firms in a bid to tackle “rogue directors”, Vince Cable has said. The business secretary pronounced prejudiced directors could means “huge” harm. UK criminals can already be criminialized as directors, and Mr Cable wants a same for those committed overseas. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) pronounced a measures are due to be tabled in a Parliamentary event that ends in open 2015. They would meant “stronger deterrents” and “more strong sanctions” for a “rogue minority”. ‘Cooking a books’ These measures will strengthen a British economy and a repute ... Read More »

STV quits CBI over referendum stance

STV, that produces STV News, pronounced it had a “duty of impartiality” as a open use broadcaster Broadcaster STV has turn a latest association to leave a CBI after a employers’ physique rigourously corroborated a discuss opposite Scottish independence. In a statement, STV pronounced manners on forthrightness meant it had “no choice” though to renounce from a organisation. It comes a day after Aquamarine Power and a Balhousie caring home organization also announced they were quitting a CBI. The CBI pronounced it was assured a “vast majority” of a membership concluded with a position on independence. It has purebred with a Electoral Commission as a devotee of a pro-Union campaign. The registration as a non-party member allows it to spend adult to £150,000 on campaigning ... Read More »

Barnes & Noble owner offloads $64m

Barnes Noble is carrying a tough time courtship business to a stores Barnes Noble’s authority has embellished his interest in a bookstore to 20%, by offered shares value $64m (£38m). Leonard Riggio, a company’s owner and largest shareholder, pronounced he sole 3.7 million shares on Thursday during $17.30 each. Investors followed fit and a company’s shares fell by 12.5% to tighten during $16.26 per share on a US markets. Mr Riggio pronounced he does not devise to sell some-more shares this year. In Dec 2013, he sole 2 million shares. Even with a latest offload, Leonard Riggio stays a largest shareholder during Barnes Noble. In a statement, he pronounced a latest sale “is partial of his long-term financial and estate planning.” Barnes Noble operates about ... Read More »

Pensioners could get genocide estimate

Pensions Minister Steve Webb: “People are vital a lot longer so we have to make certain they have present information” Retirees could be released superintendence on how prolonged they are approaching to live, a supervision apportion has said. Pensions Minister Steve Webb warned people mostly blink how prolonged they competence live and can be left though adequate savings. Estimates of life outlook would be formed on factors such as gender, where they live, and either they smoke. The information would assistance them devise their finances some-more efficiently, according to a minister. “We don’t have a lot to go on” when formulation for retirement, he told a BBC, suggesting that “we competence cruise maybe about how prolonged a grandparents lived, and of march in a era ... Read More »

Co-op Group reports £2.5bn loss

Chief executive Richard Pennycook: “The formula currently simulate a disaster for a Co-op in 2013″ The Co-operative Group has announced waste of £2.5bn for 2013, imprinting a misfortune formula in a group’s 150-year history. The organisation pronounced many of a waste stemmed from a Co-operative Bank, that amounted to £2.1bn. That enclosed a trade detriment of £1.44bn for a year to December, when a organisation mislaid control of Co-op Bank to US sidestep funds. Chief executive Richard Pennycook pronounced 2013 had been a “disastrous” year. He added: “These formula should offer as a wake-up call to anyone who doubts only how critical a hurdles we face are. The Co-op Group arch executive has laid it on a line – this business needs to remodel or ... Read More »