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Geek Trivia: Which Serial Killer Was Caught Via The Metadata In A Microsoft Word Document?

Answer: Dennis Rader Dennis Rader, an barbarous sequence torpedo famous as a “BKT Killer” before his detain and self-assurance suggested his loyal identify, was active in a Wichita, Kansas area between 1974 and 1991. As if a gruesome murders he committed didn’t hoard him adequate fame, he would frequently send letters to military stations and internal newspapers describing a murders. Despite a bizarre (and rather physical) justification he kept mailing in, military were never means to use a letters to discern a temperament of a killer. After a prolonged duration with no murders that fit a killer’s form and no hit around letters, reporters hypothesized that a BKT Killer had died. Shortly after that a letters resumed and a BKT Killer asked a military if ... Read More »

11 bit studios’ Anomaly Defenders Flips a Script Again

Last month, 11 bit studios announced a new game, This War of Mine, that is utterly a depart from a renouned retreat building invulnerability series, Anomaly. But a Polish indie studio isn’t utterly finished with that series, announcing that there’s one final installment in a works: Anomaly Defenders. However, this time around it’s not a retreat building invulnerability game, it’s a “reverse building offense” game. In Anomaly Defenders, players will be in control of a Alien race, fortifying their home from a tellurian renew over a march of 24 levels. So instead of going on a offensive, Anomaly Defenders puts we in control of a towers, transforming Anomaly into a normal building invulnerability diversion – yet a tellurian units still attack. The diversion facilities 8 ... Read More »

Sketchy news again says ‘unnamed’ Korean manufacturer contrast 65 in. OLED panels for destiny Apple ‘iTV’

Concept iTV around AmongTech The Korea Herald reports that IBK Securities analysts trust Apple has requested representation arrangement panels from a Korean manufacturer for potential use in a future Apple TV. According to a report, Apple is contrast 65-inch OLED panels for mass prolongation of an ‘iTV’ subsequent year. However, it should be remarkable a news is lacking in fact — usually referring to a manufacturer as an ‘unnamed’ local arrangement maker. “Around 2 million Apple‘s iTVs with 65- and 77-inch glass clear displays were approaching to strike a marketplace in a second half of this year. However, Apple employees visited this internal association in Oct 2013 to check a skeleton to subsequent year,” pronounced a source tighten to a matter on Saturday. “Following a visit, a arrangement maker’s batch prices plunged.” ... Read More »

Why Apple has to make a bigger-screen iPhone 6, in the possess trusted inner wording

Apple inner slides There has been no necessity of rumors that a iPhone 6 will have a large shade trimming from 4.7-inches to over 5 inches. But since is Apple doing this? They only altered a arrangement distance from 3.5-inches to 4-inches and another shade distance boost could benefaction a headache for developers, casemakers and a whole ecosystem. The answer, from Apple’s own research/presentation, shows they have to. There is no expansion in a 4-inch phone marketplace for inclination that cost some-more than $300. In fact, that marketplace is timorous overall. Why? Below is a slip that shows how Apple finished adult in this predicament. It isn’t only consumers wanting large screens for less. Carriers also have it out for Apple, according to a inner slides ... Read More »

HIV home exam kits given go-ahead

The exam could engage holding a tiny dump of blood from a finger Kits permitting people to exam themselves for HIV during home can be bought over a opposite in a UK for a initial time – though no kits exist nonetheless in Britain. The change in a law means it is now authorised for people to exam and diagnose themselves during home. Previously, people could lift out tests they systematic online during home and send divided their results, though were diagnosed over a phone. It is hoped a pierce will assistance a UK’s 25,000 undiagnosed HIV-positive people. No tests have nonetheless been grown that pass European guidelines, pronounced a government’s health regulator. Home contrast for HIV was authorized by a supervision final Sep though ... Read More »